Help IT Staff Work More Productively

More efficient support for SAP environments delivers productivity and cost benefits for IT.

Based on the interviews, IDC finds that SAP UEM drives increased IT staff productivity and reduces IT infrastructure costs. IDC quantifies the value of IT staff efficiencies and cost savings at an annual average of $376,300 per organization ($76,100 per 1,000 SAP users) or the equivalent of nearly $1,000 per IT employee per year.

The teams responsible for supporting complex SAP environments benefit from the visibility and actionable information available from SAP UEM to work more efficiently. These teams included incident response, help desk, security, monitoring, and teams responsible for other major IT operations. Companies reported that SAP UEM provided operational visibility that proactively helped them avoid significant performance issues and outages. They also cited an increase in service desk efficiencies and the ability to generate and leverage detailed user workflow reports. 

Consider the experience at Arizona utility Salt River Project. End users who encountered process errors couldn’t describe steps that resulted in an error, increasing issue resolution time. The organization used SAP UEM data to identify specific process steps that result in error, quickly isolating problems and allowing support staff to spend time fixing the issue or offering training to the effected users.

Interviewed companies cited many benefits in terms of problem resolution, service desk efficiencies and better visibility.

Leverage detailed reporting to resolve user issues:

“When we run into a system issue, SAP UEM by Knoa has detailed reporting that helps us understand how a user is maneuvering through the system and get to the bottom of it. A user may not even realize what they are clicking, but we can go back and look at that information and this ends up saving time.”

Service desk efficiencies:

“Our service desk personnel no longer have to call or send an email to users to get information. With SAP UEM by Knoa, they get this information and it reduces the time to actually resolve issues from 1 hour to around 15 minutes on average.”


Visibility to avoid user complaints and resolve problems faster:

“Basically we now have visibility with SAP UEM by Knoa that we did not before, so we can anticipate user needs and avoid complaints.”

Among interviewed companies, a number have leveraged SAP UEM to work more effectively, with incident response teams among those seeing substantial benefits. Enhanced visibility with SAP UEM enables incident response teams to identify problems and respond to issues.

Interviewed companies report that SAP UEM delivers improvements in user and IT staff productivity. The critical nature of SAP to business activities makes it vital to ensure that employees are using the full functionality of these applications correctly and effectively. SAP UEM provides the visibility and understanding of use patterns and performance needed to help employees better use SAP applications and systems. 

Follow up with users to drive adoption of new features:

“We are using SAP UEM by Knoa to gain insights to impact how employees work. When we roll out a new functionality, we monitor use, as well as the users who are using the old versus the new functionality. We then provide targeted information to users who aren’t using the new one to provide feedback and make sure that they’re aware that there’s a better process out there.”

Use to understand the impact of new functionalities/projects:

“We want to use SAP UEM by Knoa after a project has been implemented — it doesn’t have to be a big project — to measure the new functionality that is deployed.”

Understanding employee performance across the lifecycle:

“With SAP UEM by Knoa, we’ve gained insight into what employees are doing, how are they performing in their activities day to day, what troubles they have in using applications and new features, and how new employees are handling the learning curve.”

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