Improve Use of SAP Applications

SAP UEM by Knoa helps users be more productive.

Interviewed companies say that SAP UEM helps with risk mitigation, leading to user productivity benefits. Incident response teams work more effectively as they can pinpoint and resolve issues more readily, thus limiting the risks related to SAP environments. IDC puts the value of higher productivity for these teams at an average of $272,500 per year per organization ($55,100 per 1,000 SAP users).

Evaluating the efficacy of employee use of SAP applications — or any business applications — has historically not been a straightforward task. Study participants say they lacked the visibility into use patterns and ability to assess performance and understand pain points required to develop a well-founded understanding of how employees could better use SAP applications.

Interviewed organizations reported that SAP UEM has provided them the visibility and understanding of use patterns and performance needed to help employees better use their SAP applications and systems. They identified key benefits of SAP UEM such as the ability to identify users who needed to upgrade to new features, measure the effectiveness of new functionality, recognize use errors, and remedy struggles employees have in using particular applications or features. 

Use to understand the impact of new functionalities/projects:

“We want to use SAP UEM by Knoa after a project has been implemented — it doesn’t have to be a big project — to measure the new functionality that is deployed.”

Understanding employee performance across lifecycle:

“With SAP UEM by Knoa, we’ve gained insight into what employees are doing, how are they performing in their activities day-to-day, what troubles they have in using applications and new features, and how new employees are handling the learning curve.”

Visibility into employee behavior and use patterns:

“With SAP UEM by Knoa, we can tell who is using what features and compare who is struggling versus who is doing well while looking at comparisons of why one site may be running differently. It allows us to determine, based on analysis of like groups of employees doing similar activities, why one set is not running a set of actions that everyone else is.”

SAP UEM allows organizations to adjust business processes and train employees to better leverage SAP applications. Study participants reported that their SAP users are making much better use of SAP applications from such process optimization. This translates directly into operational efficiencies for study participants in the form of higher user productivity, which means that large groups of employees at interviewed organizations deliver more value to their organizations because of SAP UEM.

Study participants attributed an average gross productivity gain of 15%, which translates to a 3.1% gross productivity gain across users of all SAP applications.

An average of 63 employees received better training as a result of SAP UEM.

Training Needs

Prepare more efficiently for training:

“With SAP UEM by Knoa, we can look at these employees receiving training over a set period of time to see how they are using the system. We can then fine-tune training based on their use … This saves time in preparing for training and we can then use Knoa to see how they’re doing based on what they’ve learned.”

Proactively address training gaps:

“When we create training materials, we understand the major gaps that we have by using SAP UEM by Knoa. This is important because if the training has problems, it means that when we release a new solution that the production environment will have problems.”

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