Optimize SAP Business Processes & Transactions

SAP User Experience Management by Knoa helps organizations achieve business productivity benefits.

Interviewed companies have complex businesses characterized by a variety of transactions and processes tied to their SAP environments — transactions and processes that must be seamless. With enhanced visibility into how applications perform and interact with each other, SAP UEM enables these companies to fine-tune business processes and more easily make ongoing adjustments. The result has been the delivery of more effective data in support of business activities and more valuable applications and services for their line-of-business users.

Based on interviews conducted by IDC, SAP UEM has a strong ROI with quantified benefits worth an annual average of $2.18 million per organization ($444,800 per 1,000 SAP users) over five years. 

Annual Average Benefits per 1,000 SAP Users

SAP UEM by Knoa

Interviewed organizations saw the biggest benefits in terms of business productivity. SAP users benefit from a gross productivity gain of 15% on average, which translates into higher productivity worth $1.53 million per year per organization ($309,500 per 1,000 SAP users).

Discover business-critical errors and implement effective fixes:

“We have a business process that is supposed to copy information through a field transfer of the data and we found with SAP UEM by Knoa that users kept making errors. And when they were making errors, they were huge errors…like a $5 million credit that was a data input error. So we’re saving time by fixing this and reducing money lost with SAP UEM by Knoa.”

Study participants also discussed the benefits for staff across their operations responsible for handling various business processes, noting that visibility and a better understanding of those processes enabled them to support their operations more efficiently and effectively — a 30% improvement.

With SAP software, business process owners require less time to carry out important activities, helping their organizations justify the investment of staff time needed to make process-related improvements that end up having a broader positive impact on business activities.

Study participants cited various examples of business teams and processes that have benefited from SAP UEM, and report that the software has enabled them to deliver more tailored, higher-performing applications and services to users. 

Significant time savings for procurement teams:

“We’ve used SAP UEM by Knoa for our procurement efforts to detect enhancement opportunities and identify common errors from users handling the procurement piece. With Knoa, we’ve adjusted and fine-tuned the global procurement template and added some training to allow users to create purchase orders in a simple way … We’ve achieved significant time savings of around 20%.”

 Financial Impact of Errors

Better visibility into compliance to support the HR team:

“With SAP UEM by Knoa, when we see that a transaction is not in compliance, we can fix the issue and see that the application is delivering the expected results. Our HR team has seen improvements, especially for payments, paychecks, and cash orders for receivables.”

More Efficient Management of Business Processes

SAP UEM by Knoa enables process improvements to be planned and executed more efficiently and effectively

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