About SAP User Experience Management by Knoa

The SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa helps you optimize the performance of your SAP applications and of the people who use them. It enables you to assess how an application performs for each person – separating real usability issues from opinions – and take corrective action to ensure delivery of all the value you expect from your SAP software. 

SAP UEM manages the experience of all end users, all the time, and for every SAP transaction, including:

  • Response Time as experienced by the end user, including Transaction Response and Navigation Response
  • Quality of User Experience, including Infrastructure Errors from Operating Systems, Servers, Networks, & Databases; and Application Errors, such as ABAP Errors and “Method Not Allowed” messages
  • Adoption and Usage Information, including User Behavior issues like user utilization, user errors, & active/idle time; and Workflow issues such as process proficiency and compliance.

With SAP UEM, you can see exactly what their end-users see as they work in SAP solutions:

Capture 100% of the user experience directly from the user’s environment. The innovative design of SAP User Experience Management – SAP UEM – makes it possible to discover all transactions across the SAP software your users’ access. It then tracks selected actions users take when executing a transaction, along with any performance issues that users experience – or create – along the way. SAP UEM automatically adapts to discover new transactions in your users’ work without requiring additional professional services. This helps keep your user experience management activities both affordable and scalable. 

Accurately measure how individuals execute transactions within your SAP solution. SAP UEM consolidates and sorts your data based on user attributes such as role and location. Comprehensive reports and alerts, including analytics drawn from SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions, provide actionable insight into user performance. 

Analyze the data. SAP UEM aggregates the data you collect, making it possible to gain executive insights at the highest level, as well as problem solving detail at the lowest level. You can generate reports for key functions in your company including training, user support, IT support, and change management. Where user performance does not match best practices, you can retrain. Where the application itself could do better, you can reconfigure.